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  • This shipping policy outlines the shipping and delivery process upon purchasing products from suppliers through Ace Spirits website. Ace Spirits maintains the right to change this shipping policy from time to time. Ace Spirits encourages you to review this shipping policy prior to purchasing products from suppliers to stay informed about shipping requirements and delivery information. Unless otherwise defined in this shipping policy, terms used in this shipping policy have the same meanings as in Ace Spirits terms of use.


  • Ace ships flat rate for $20 up to a case of wine or spirits. A case is up to 12 750 ml bottles, or six 1.75L bottles. If your order exceeds a case, or 50lbs you will be charged another $20, one for each parcel you will receive. 


  1. Legal notice: The products are sold within the state or jurisdiction where the supplier is located and title to the product(s) pass to the user once the product is delivered to a common carrier in the suppliers jurisdiction (FOB Shipping Point). By placing an order with a supplier via the website, you authorize the supplier to have the product(s) shipped on your behalf by common carrier for delivery to your selected destination. Under the terms of sale, the common carrier is acting as your agent. You may desire to insure your shipment as Ace does not provide such insurance and has no control over the suppliers products or delivery thereof.

  2. The supplier has accepted your offer to purchase a product(s) and will ship the requested product(s),
    1.) The supplier has accepted your offer to purchase a product(s), but the product(s) is delayed or on backorder, or
    2.) due to supplier complications your offer to purchase a product(s) has been rejected.
    3.) Order processing once you have placed an order for a product(s) through the website, you will be notified that your order has been received. You will then be notified within seventy-two (72) hours whether any credit card payments will not be processed. If you are notified that the supplier has rejected your offer. If the product(s) you ordered are in stock, supplier shall use its best efforts to ship such product(s) within seventy-two (72) hours of notification. Tracking numbers are sent to you by email from ups and fedex. If you wish to change your order or have questions you may contact us at info@acespirits.com.
  3. Delivery Lead Time: Ace Spirits lead time on orders once shipped is seven to ten (7-10) business days for every order of in-stock products. There are sometimes delays due to availability of products. These should be communicated to you via email. If you do not receive any emails from info@acespirits.com, check your spam folder. If you do not hear back from us within seventy-two (72) hours, reach out to info@acespirits.com to get order details. 
    1. For special order wine products, expect a three to five (3-5) week lead time. Reach out to orders@acespirits.com for questions concerning specialty orders. 
  4. Age verification: The website and the services are intended for the use of persons who are at least twenty-one (21) years of age. Persons under twenty-one (21) years old are prohibited from using the website or the services in any way. By placing an order with suppliers via the website you are representing that you are twenty-one (21) years of age. Ace Spirits reserves the right to ask for proof of identity before allowing you access to the website or allowing you to offer to purchase a product(s) from a supplier. By placing an order you verify that you and/ or any order recipients are at least twenty-one (21) years of age. At the time of delivery you and/or the order recipient must sign an age verification receipt stating that they are at least twenty-one (21) years of age and must present a valid driver's license, military id, passport or state id for identification. All shipments must be signed for. According to ups policy, if there is not an individual at least twenty-one (21) years of age present to sign for the package, and three (3) unsuccessful delivery attempts have been made at the recipient's address, the package will be returned to the shipper. The package can be reshipped with a reshipping fee of $20. If the recipient is not twenty-one (21), unavailable for three (3) delivery attempts,  refuses shipment, or the package is returned to Ace Spirits for any reason, a $10 restock fee will be applied if the recipient does not elect to re-ship the package. 

  5. States: It is Ace's policy not to assist suppliers in shipping to certain states where direct shipment of alcohol products are prohibited, therefore the website will only allow you to place an order with suppliers for shipment to certain states. Due to the ever changing legal environment around the shipment of these products, availability of shipping to individual states is fluid, and Ace reserves the right to only fulfill orders where it is legal to do so. 

  6. Delivery Charges: All deliveries are made by ground transportation through ups or fedex. Delivery charges may vary depending upon the size, weight and distance a product(s) is being shipped. Ace Spirits will use its best efforts to notify you of any shipment delays as a result of weather conditions. Please direct all shipping questions to info@acespirits.com. Three attempts will be made to deliver a package. If there is no an adult that is able to sign for the package the package will be returned to Ace. A $20 reshipment fee will be assessed if the customer would like to have the items reshipped.

  7. Damaged products disclaimer:  You agree that Ace Spirits shall not be responsible for any product damage that occurs during shipping. If any product(s) are damaged during shipping, please email info@acespirits.com so Ace may pursue a claim with the shipping company. Shipping charges are not refundable. Ace spirits strongly urges you to consider the effect of weather conditions prior to ordering products. Potential heat exposure during warm weather conditions and extreme cold during the winter months may damage products during shipping.

  8. Special shipping taxation certain states require the collection of sales taxes on all orders containing alcohol products. Such sales tax rates may vary between states and will be added to your purchase price. You will be informed of any sales taxes prior to payment of the product(s).

  9. Delivery of products delivery can only be made to an address where an individual at least twenty-one (21) years old and can sign for the shipment during regular business hours. Products can be shipped to a place of business or residence. Purchaser and recipient must be over the age of twenty-one (21) to purchase alcohol. Warning: certain states expressly prohibit the direct importation of alcohol and violation can be punishable as a misdemeanor or felony. Please contact your local alcoholic beverage control agency for further information. In addition, other restrictions may apply as some states limit the quantity and type of products that may be shipped to an individual address. Ace spirits makes no claim in regards to the rights of users to receive shipments into their state or jurisdiction. If your are in doubt on this matter, please contact your local governing bureau or agency before ordering. Void where prohibited by law.