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FAQ Page For Ace Spirits

Q: There are a lot of "allocated items" on your website. How do I get them? Are they available?

A: At Ace, we do see a fair amount of allocated spirits and bourbons. These are often limited releases and we get a small amount of them based on supply at our distributors. They are always made available to our customers, usually through in-store raffles and events. We take extensive steps to make sure our disbursement of these items is as fair as possible, and we take pride in the opportunities we are able to provide to our bourbon community. 

A.2: Buffalo Trace and Eagle Rare, though not special releases, are allocated to us here in Minnesota. When we get them, we will put them out in our store. If you ask for them at the counter, our staff will try to help you find something else worthy of your sipping because truly we are not trying to hide them from you. If you are online, I'm sorry, we will not be shipping these out. Minnesota gets little enough as is. 

Q: How do you charge for shipping?

A: Ace ships flat rate for $20 up to a case of wine or spirits. A case is up to 12 750 ml bottles, or six 1.75L bottles. If your order exceeds a case, or 50lbs you will be charged another $20, one for each parcel you will receive. 
Q: Do you ship to me?

A: We currently do NOT ship to; Alaska, Hawaii, Maine, Missouri, New Hampshire, North Dakota, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, Vermont, Virginia. 
Q: My tracking is not working? Why is that?

A: We use both national and regional carriers to deliver, all have different tracking codes, and some read as FedEx, but are in fact, not FedEx. The easiest way to check your package is to go into the google search bar and paste your tracking number. It will pull up the proper carrier to track your package. 
Q: I made a special order for wine, what is the timeline?

A: The distributor for these items has a 3 week to 5 week turnaround. This means that we will get the items about a month after you order. We will get them shipped to you asap. 
Q: Why can I not place an order?

A: There are a few reasons that this could happen. The first is that you live in one of the states above, if that's the case, we are so sorry, we cannot ship to you. 

A.2: Other reasons include, you have not signed into your account. If you do not have an account you need to make one, and add a credit card to your account. If you don't add a credit card to your account, it will not let you check out. 

A.3: I tried to create an account, it said my phone number was already taken? This means that you already have an account. My recommendation is that you try a password reset to your email. We are unable to edit your email, phone number, address, etc for data integrity reasons. You can always call the store if you need further help. 
Q: Do you do corporate gifting?

A: Yes! Reach out to orders@acespirits.com for a quote! 

Q: Do you do special orders

A: If you want a product that we do not carry, we can place an order for you if you commit to the case! We are more than happy to get you your favorite goodies. Our "special orders" tab on acespirits.com will prompt you to fill out a questionnaire so we can get your items ordered.

Q: Can you ship beer or THC seltzers?

A: No to both.