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Region Profile: Highlands

Wed, Jul 05, 23  |  scotch whisky whisky

Highlands Scotch Whisky

The Highlands region of Scotland is the largest whisky-producing region in the country. The Highlands are vast and diverse, encompassing a wide range of landscapes and distilleries. As a result, Highland whiskies can vary significantly in terms of flavor profiles, with expressions that are rich, fruity, floral, or even lightly peated.

The Highland region is also known for its scenic beauty, including rugged mountains, rolling hills, deep valleys, and picturesque lochs. The geography and climate of the area influence the character of the whiskies produced there. Due to its large area, the Highlands region is further divided into subcategories, each with its own characteristics:


1. Northern Highlands: The whiskies from this region tend to be lighter and fruitier, with notes of apples, pears, and heather. Examples include Glenmorangie and Dalmore.


2. Southern Highlands: These whiskies are often slightly richer and more robust in character, with flavors of malt, spice, and dried fruit. Distilleries like Aberfeldy and Glengoyne are in this region.


3. Eastern Highlands: Whiskies from the eastern part of the Highlands are typically lighter and drier, with hints of floral and herbal notes. Examples include Glen Garioch and Royal Lochnagar.


4. Western Highlands: This region is more diverse, with a range of styles. Some whiskies from the western Highlands can be peaty and smoky, while others exhibit a richer, sherry-influenced character. Notable distilleries include Oban and Ben Nevis.


While these subregions provide a general idea of the flavor profiles associated with each area, there can be significant variation within each distillery, and expressions from the same region can differ greatly.

Highland whiskies are often regarded as approachable and versatile, appealing to both newcomers and experienced whisky drinkers. With a wide range of flavors, Highland Scotch can match many preferences, be they lighter and fruitier whiskies or more robust and complex. The Highland region offers a diverse selection of Scotch whiskies to suit whisky lovers worldwide.  

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